The Art of Couples Therapy
2sessions, 12 CEUs)

Couples therapy is one of the most challenging therapeutic modalities. While family therapy takes advantage of multiple relationships between family members in order to have many potential opportunities to intervene, couples treatment has only one relationship on which to focus. This relationship may be charged with overwhelming emotion, or it may have repeating sequences in which little new has occurred for years. In order to address these challenges, we believe that the successful couples therapist must have multiple ways to think about couples, as well as a large variety of ways to intervene. Instead of a single overarching approach, we intervene using the theory that best fits the couple with whom we are working We will examine many of these models as well as the interventions that derive from them.

This course will explore a variety of approaches to couples treatment. We will pay particular attention to the management of energy (motivation) within a couple to avoid either indifference or explosive intensity. This course will examine a variety of ways to interrupt longstanding patterns, while encouraging couples to take risks and try new behaviors. We will explore the problem of blaming and how to get people to take the initiative in rectifying problems within a relationship. A wide variety of techniques for addressing behavior, improving interpersonal interactions and defining issues in a productive manner will be presented. Teaching methods will include didactic presentations, videotape, and group discussion.

Topics will include:

· unbalancing
· devising appropriate rituals
· developing and giving effective assignments
· joining with reluctant spouses
· managing and avoiding confrontations
· affairs, substance abuse, and domestic violence
· reducing or facilitating arguments
· interviewing methods

Dates: Friday January 23 & Saturday January 24, 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 a.m.

Fee: $250

Location: Portland, ME

12 CEUs